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  • Writing Content

    Writing Creative Content

    Nobody is expecting that whilst you are writing your next blog or press release it’s going to revolutionise the English language but, I expect, whilst scribing the works of ‘Hamlet’, Billy Shakespeare didn’t think that either. Truth be told, our language has always been steeped with creativity and, despite the heritage of it, it is constantly evolving…

  • AdvertisingBrandingDesign

    How Colour Can Complement Your Brand.

     Colour: an introduction There are some fascinating concepts, and endless amounts of psychology, behind the study of colour. You can read an in depth ‘Colour Psychology’ here or, for a simplified version, you can carry on reading right here… We know from a young age how colours can heighten a range of emotions and senses. We also recognise how…

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    Creating a Custom Order Success Page in Magento

    You’ll all know the process.. You enter all your details, confirm your order and all you get in return is a simple Success page with only your Order Number to show for it. Yes – the default template in Magento lacks pretty much all of the customer’s order details, so I wasn’t surprised when a client asked me for more…

  • entrepreneurialism

    Interview: From teaching to marketing & the history and future of Best Creative Marketing.

    It can be argued that most, if not all, people tend to grow tired of their workplace from time to time. However, even fewer take that bold step and do something about it. Completely changing careers is nothing short of daunting, but when budding  entrepreneur Joel Peart decided that he was done teaching, he turned to a…

  • Tutorials

    Slick Slider with Instagram Feed

    Slick Slider with Instagram Feed This is a very simple and flexible way of getting Ken Wheelers Slick Slider and Instafeed jQuery working together in perfect harmony. This post is aimed at developers with some experience with either of these two jQuery extensions, it would also help if you have a basic grasp of jQuery plugins in general. First…

  • Marketing AnalyticsMarketing Campaigns

    Do you know what your marketing is doing?

    Marketing is a great business tool but how many of us actually know how it’s performing or what it is truly doing? We noticed the Adobe Creative Cloud ‘Click, Baby, Click!’ ad from 2013, which we think is brilliant, is still widely used. The message is clear and it got us thinking…there must be hundreds of businesses…

  • Tutorials

    Make Foundation 5 Accordion Better

    If you take a look through all our previous posts and tutorials you will quickly realise that Foundation 5 is our responsive framework of choice. This is largely due to its ‘vanilla-ness’. I personally like the fact that its not full of unnecessary animations, transitions or even what a client would call personality and as we developers…

  • Magento Tutorial

    Simple Product Image switcher for Magento

    In most projects default Magento product image function just doesn’t cut it. So simply put, heres a better one. Simple Product Image switcher for Magento. You can download the pack of all the files you need here: All this needs to work is a version of no conflict jQuery and a working knowledge of how your…

  • Tutorials

    How to develop a website using Chrome Developer Tools

    When it comes to the development of a website, the initial development at Nailed It will start on a local version of the project on one of the machines in the office. Chrome developer tools have sped up the process of development for us massively, and today I found out how to save the files as you…