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  • Magento 2

    Magento 2.2

    B2B Ready Solutions Build loyalty with your customers through self service tools & payments on accounts Grow your sales with fast, friction-free purchasing Serve all customers segments:…

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    Cell phones Overview

    Smartphones are the most used mode of communication in this era with billions of users across the world. Cell phones are supposed to be very portable. The main aim of a cell phone is to improve the communication between people. Moreover,…

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    Pay Per Click

    Apprentice Blog Issue #7   You may or may not be familiar with PPC but either way this blog is certain to help you out and maybe even give you a few tips for improvement. Now, PPC can be quite complicated…

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    Cell phones with the best camera in 2017

    The smartphone camera is now a feature that customers consider before buying a cell phone. Cell phone makers are continuing to improve the performance of their cameras. We’ve seen so many camera advances this year. Samsung Galaxy S8+ Besides offering unmatched real money online casino gaming, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a great camera. It captures moments perfectly…

  • Apprentice Voice

    Spotify in the Spotlight

    As we plunge deeper into 2017, it seems we’ve now reached a stage where social media marketing campaigns are at…

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    Case Studies

    Case studies aren’t exactly cutting edge, or especially innovative, but a case study done well is a superb way…

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    Email Marketing – Irritating or Imperative?

    5 top tips for successful email marketing campaigns Unless you’re OCD about your email inbox, it more than likely looks a bit like mine: Is this because I’m not bothered by the disorganisation? Or because I’m lazy? Or is it that because I’ve had the same email address for over a decade and subscribed to many a service…

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    The Northern Foundry: The story so far

    Four work-filled months and three apprentice blogs later, I’ve decided it’s time to review exactly what I’ve learnt since my induction into the colossal climate of modern-day marketing. Coming into The Northern Foundry as an apprentice, and not specialising in any particular area, I’ve been given a broad spectrum of tasks to do, ranging from building websites…