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  • Apprentice Voice

    Social Media Marketing

    Ey up there, welcome back! If you came here to read about marketing through social media channels and find…

  • Downloads

    Magmi Client with Google Sheets Integration

    Introduction Here’s is a neat little front end client built to extend Magmi and make it more accessible to the ‘non-developer’ community. Although this does require some Magmi experience to setup, once this is in place you should never have any…

  • Apprentice Voice

    Content Marketing

    Apprentice Blog – Issue #1 Now then! Having recently started my apprenticeship here at The Northern Foundry, I thought I’d share some of my initial findings of agency life. I’m relatively new to the world of work, let alone the world of marketing, so I’ve had to adapt fast. There’s been a lot of terminology flying about that…

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    Online Casino Most Secured Payment Options

    Are you interested in playing online slots and many other casino games on your computer or maybe an iPad or other mobile device? Playing casino games can be a lot of fun, but what is even more fun is the option to win money too. However, a deposit needs to be made using a secured payment method…

  • DownloadsWordpress Tutorials

    Import Posts from Google Sheets to WordPress

    First and foremost, the reason I developed this WordPress plugin was to try and help both WordPress developers and administrators solve the problem of getting a lot of data in and out of WordPress as Posts and Custom Posts. Hopefully, the…

  • Magento Tutorial

    Category Thumbnail in Magento 1.9

    It’s not often I gripe, but today I’m making an exception. Every time I have started on a new Magento solution, since the release of Magento 1.9.x, there’s been one menial irritation…and that’s the Category Thumbnail or lack of it! That’s right, for some reason, it’s not there. I’m not yet sure if this is by design…

  • 5 of the bestMarketing CampaignsRemarketing

    5 of the best: Reasons to run a remarketing campaign

     Reasons to run a remarketing campaign If you don’t know what remarketing (or retargeting) is then I can guarantee you have experienced it when browsing on the net. It’s those ads that make you think ‘hey, I’ve just looked at that holiday! How do they know that?’ Well, it’s a clever advertising platform that can work wonders…

  • News

    A Masterclass on Online Gaming Design

    A Masterclass on Online Gaming Design   No doubt, online gaming sites provides players to enjoy the thrills of brick and mortar casinos from the comfort of their home. However, do all of them deliver what they promise? Most online casinos claim that they are the best based on parameters such as the quality of games they…

  • DesignDesign TutorialsTutorials

    Our Thoughts on: “Tinder for Font Pairing”

    Font / Typography is probably the biggest part of a design whether it be for Web Design or Graphic Design. Obviously when designing for web the easiest solution when it comes to what fonts to use is to always use Google Fonts! But we never use one font; we always have another one to accompany the primary…