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    Foundation 6 Off Canvas Menu That Works!

    Foundation 6 came out last night and working on it today we found a couple of issues out of the box. A few of the docs Zurb have supplied don’t quite add up with what is downloaded in a custom build. So until they fix it up which Zurb will do eventually. But until its fixed theres a…

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    Top 10 Resources for a Web Designer

    When it comes to designing the front end of a website there are quite a few things to consider. First of all, what will be the purpose of the site? Who will its’ competitors be? Who…

  • Magento Tutorial

    Magento Add CMS Page to Customer Admin

    In Magento add CMS page to customer admin on front end I needed to add a couple of custom pages to the default Magento Customer Admin. After a quick ‘google’ the couple of articles I found where incredibly complicated and involved added a full new module. In some cases a full new module per page. So, I…

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    How to Keep Your Personal Information & Data Safe Online

    There’s no doubt about it: we’re living in a digital age. We share so much of our lives online, through Facebook status updates to live-tweeting any significant events in our lives. Whilst the majority of the information we share is inane and useless, when our personal information like bank…

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    Bows Hair & Beauty – The Wedding Industry Awards

    A couple of years ago, sisters Amy and Ellie decided to join together to create Bows Hair & Beauty after successfully starting off their careers individually. This meant they needed a website and obviously they came to Nailed It Design. In 2013 Lauren designed them a bespoke website, showing off their love and talent for wedding hair…

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    Search Advertising

      Search Advertising – Serving ads that matter to the target audience With the ‘hot topic’ of ad-blocking causing many problems and drawing up questions on how to move forward for the industry, it made me think how relevant search ads or PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns are to the end user and how Google rewards advertisers that play ‘by…

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    How to Beat the Magento Hackers!

    his Blog is with regards to the recent Magento upgrades and security patches as well as the possible vulnerability of admin log in and passwords. In the past few months we have experienced a number of website hacks due to sites not being securely patched and due to weak admin URL logins and passwords ie Login…

  • Writing Content

    Writing Creative Content

    Nobody is expecting that whilst you are writing your next blog or press release it’s going to revolutionise the English language but, I expect, whilst scribing the works of ‘Hamlet’, Billy Shakespeare didn’t think that either. Truth be told, our language has always been steeped with creativity and, despite the heritage of it, it is constantly evolving…

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    How Colour Can Complement Your Brand.

     Colour: an introduction There are some fascinating concepts, and endless amounts of psychology, behind the study of colour. You can read an in depth ‘Colour Psychology’ here or, for a simplified version, you can carry on reading right here… We know from a young age how colours can heighten a range of emotions and senses. We also recognise how…

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    Creating a Custom Order Success Page in Magento

    You’ll all know the process.. You enter all your details, confirm your order and all you get in return is a simple Success page with only your Order Number to show for it. Yes – the default template in Magento lacks pretty much all of the customer’s order details, so I wasn’t surprised when a client asked me for more…