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Cell phones with the best camera in 2017

Cell phones with the best camera in 2017
13th September 2017 Reece Taylor

The smartphone camera is now a feature that customers consider before buying a cell phone. Cell phone makers are continuing to improve the performance of their cameras. We’ve seen so many camera advances this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Besides offering unmatched real money online casino gaming, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a great camera. It captures moments perfectly no matter what time it is. Most smartphone cameras have poor quality during the night but Samsung built a camera that works day and night. Both cameras are fine-tuned to produce clear images in an environment with little light. 8 MP of the front camera captures superb selfies. The smart auto focus tracks their faces for awesome quality. Moreover, improved multi-frame image processing makes all selfies come out crisp and clear. The rear camera is 12 MP and any darkness cannot stand its capabilities. It is fast and focused to capture good photos in motion. With Selective focus, you can choose whether to capture the foreground, background or both.

iPhone 7 plus

iPhone 7 Plus is amongst the top list of camera phones in 2017. This is due to its unique advanced new camera systems. You can also do online casino test using it to see if the uploaded images are clear. The dual 12 MP rear camera has face detection, autofocus, 2x optical zoom, and dual tone enables the smartphone to capture a crisp picture or videos. Rear cameras perform tasks for wide-angle and telephoto enables a perfect digital zoom without compromising the quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is designed with 12 mega pixels in the rear camera and 8 mega pixels in the front camera. It takes crisp and clear shots and supports 2x optical zoom to let you zoom in clearly. You never capture a hazy picture even if the phone shakes. The rear and front cameras have optical image stabilisation to capture quality pictures and beautifully steady even with camera shake.