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Email Marketing – Irritating or Imperative?

Email Marketing – Irritating or Imperative?
26th June 2017 Joel Peart

5 top tips for successful email marketing campaigns

Unless you’re OCD about your email inbox, it more than likely looks a bit like mine:

Is this because I’m not bothered by the disorganisation? Or because I’m lazy? Or is it that because I’ve had the same email address for over a decade and subscribed to many a service that I’m still bombarded with bulletins every day, so much so that it’s unmanageable?

Ask me if the constant onslaught of inbox droppings is an irritant and I’ll say yes. Ask me if I still open the emails I need, or want to, on a daily basis, despite the assault and I’ll also say yes.

Barring in mind that to exist in this day and age, you pretty much require an email address. Consequently, there are a lot of inboxes for a brand to arrive in. So, as a business, is email marketing as imperative, now that there are more modern ways to market and reach specific demographics?

Should you use email marketing for business?

Here at The Northern Foundry, we’ve experienced that efficient email marketing campaigns are relevant for any business of any size.

Regardless of the agenda, the database you’ve required and the messages you’re communicating in your email marketing campaign, we regularly see results which meet the client’s objectives. Whether it’s increasing traffic to the site, a greater display rate or boosting overall conversions, there are always stats to celebrate.

Celebrating brand awareness and reaching a wider audience should not be discounted from what makes a successful email marketing campaign. Especially, if your audience has shown an initial interest by subscribing or signing up for one of your services or products. The ability to communicate with them on a regular basis and plant the subconscious seed is always beneficial.

Email marketing top tips

01. Don’t overdo it

Develop a strategy as to how regularly you send out email marketing campaigns and what sorts of messages you’re delivering. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm or irritate your audience with overly frequent, repetitive spam because they’ll just choose to opt out.

02. Stay on brand

If your email fails to land your brand in an inbox, it will wash away with the rest of junk. Look for an email marketing software provider who will allow you to purchase or use a personalised URL so that your email lands directly from your company rather than a software provider’s URL.

After that, it’s all about the design. It’s probably worthwhile to ask a designer to create a template design to try and replicate. This can be achieved through most drag and drop editors but if you required something more specific you could generate the design through HTML. Ensure that you get the look and feel right for your e-shot. It has to be recognisable and synonymous with your other marketing materials.

03. Craft cohesive content

It’s always advisable to control the amount of content in an email marketing campaign. Too much copy can make someone close the browser instantly. If you do want to communicate large amounts of information, it may be better to point your audience to it via a link to your website or downloadable PDF.

Any content you do choose to use needs to be both accurate and succinct, as well as adopting the correct tone and style (including the headline of the email which enters an inbox). Consider the purpose of your email campaign, as well as the audience, and then tailor your language to be informative and formal or persuasive and creative, for example. Next, think about the font, and where alternative styles, sizes or effects can be used to draw a reader’s attention. By organising your content effectively, it allows the recipient to scan through your email at speed to any relevant sections they may require.

04. Make it transactional

Most audiences, like myself, are primed and ready to receive offers through email with a view to purchasing or completing a transaction. Therefore, it’s not only important to showcase what it is you’re selling or promoting through inviting imagery but to ensure that there are direct links embedded, allowing the recipient to further explore or access something.

Why not place multiple links? Use links behind images, in the copy and as buttons to give your audience the best chance of accessing what they require.

05. Targeted campaigns

This is as simple as making the most of your data. After a series of email marketing campaigns have been sent, you should have collated a lot of useful information such as open rate percentages (including on what device, at what time etc.), click rates and unsubscribes. You need to utilise this information to make informed decisions about when to send your e-shot, the layout or design and the interaction on it, as well as generating possible sales leads through contacts who clicked multiple links, for instance.

Off the back of that, you could also set-up automated emails to target any users who clicked multiple or certain links surrounding a particular product or service. The idea being that you retarget these people by giving them further incentives to pursue their initial interest.

Once you understand the behavioural triggers of your database, this process will become more streamlined and generate more success.

Email Marketing – Irritating or Imperative?

There is a certain level of irritation when once you’ve cleansed your inbox in the morning, by late afternoon there’s another 29 unread emails sat waiting for deletion or interrogation. And that’s the point. We’re so used to having offers and reminders in our inboxes, that we tend to cherry pick the ones that are relevant at the time and ignore the rest. But you never know when your email might be that subtle reminder for someone in need of your services.

The Northern Foundry create, manage and deliver email marketing campaigns on a regular basis and are seeing some excellent returns. If you’d like to speak to a member of the team about email marketing or marketing in general, please contact: workshop@thenorthernfoundry or call 01482 242600