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Email Marketing

Landing your brand in someone’s inbox can be a cost effective way of promoting your business and its services. Finely tuned and well crafted email marketing campaigns are a great way to inform your clients about offers, promotions and news from within your company.

Our up to date software allows us to create segmented email campaigns that are lively, engaging and a sure fire way of increasing your click through and conversion rates.

We’re also a fan of making your email templates pretty. This way, they’ll grab the attention and intrigue an audience.

Production Line



First we need to establish how frequently you want to send campaigns and to how many people. Your contacts can be segregated for targeted email campaigns and you can send as many email’s as you’d like. We have different packages for this sort of thing. Then we’d want to outline a strategy for each campaign.



Aesthetically pleasing and well designed email templates are just one aspect of the creation process. Thoughtful design and carefully constructed content can be devised to entice specific audiences by reviewing content, creating imagery, inserting tabs, buttons and links all with your strategy in mind. We’ll send you a test preview beforehand too. We’re nice like that.



This bit is integral for maximising the potential of your email campaigns. We’ll monitor and measure the performance of each email and supply you with the data. Our smart software uses a CRM system to cleanse your email contacts and our A/B testing will further help determine which types of email generate the best open rates.