How to Enhance Workplace Wellbeing

How to Enhance Workplace Wellbeing
7th January 2022 Dave Blount

No matter how highly trained and naturally skilled your employees are, low levels of morale in the workplace can have a massive impact on how much gets done. We’ve popped some tips below to help you improve each working day through greater levels of wellbeing.

Rearrange for collaboration

Many offices still have layouts from decades ago, back when managers had their own rooms and everyone else was crammed into an uninspiring box. Whilst the modern worker usually benefits from their own desk and storage area, they also need to feel part of a wider community.

Take a look at the design of your work environments and assess the flow of people and conversation – can it be fine-tuned in any way? If you have a large meeting room that’s rarely used, consider turning it into a more inspiring breakout zone where staff can exchange ideas and achieve great things together.

Share your vision and values

Every employee knows what the business does, but not necessarily what it revolves around. Accountancy obviously provides financial services, but the business could also be a huge advocate of charitable activity and volunteering, which some staff may not participate in simply due to lack of information.

By getting your vision and values across in a variety of ways, you’re inviting everyone on your payroll to get involved in them. This not only helps morale but can also be a huge advantage to the local community.

Work smarter

Technology isn’t the only way to increase efficiency and reduce problems but it certainly plays a large role in stress-free operations. Many businesses still rely on lengthy email threads for collaborative projects, whereas those that use digital tools to their full potential will realise that websites and apps such as Slack, Basecamp and Trello greatly simplify and enhance communication.

Remote working is another perk for staff who may sometimes want to work from home. To really make the most of this, consider hosted desktops for your company, as these provide the ability to access and edit files from anywhere in the world on any device, which can dramatically improve productivity.

Put simply, the more productive your staff are in their work, the less they’ll feel like they have a weight on their shoulders.

Create a pleasant environment

It’s amazing the difference that natural light, clean air, plants, quick access to freshwater and effective waste management can do for a workforce. By improving the surroundings even a little, your staff will feel more comfortable and energised during their duties.

If noise is a problem in your office, think about ways to reduce it. For instance, an inbound phone will work better in a corner rather than at the centre of the room, plus providing a quiet area is perfect for people who really need to focus when writing documents and updating spreadsheets.

Keep fit and healthy

A balanced diet and opportunities to keep fit at work can do wonders for employee morale and engagement. Offering free fruit, bottled water, a bike to work scheme and regular fitness clubs will encourage everyone to look after their bodies, which has a positive impact on their minds too.

This is also a great way for everyone to get to know each other better, doubling as an ongoing team-building exercise.