A brand is much more than just a logo. It's your identity.

01. Be iconic


Brand design doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll rip up your old logo and design something new, (unless you want us to). Subtle changes can be made to freshen up and reinvent your brand to say something new. Reinvigorate – that’s a good word isn’t it? We’ll reinvigorate something old or invent something fresh and new.

02. All shapes & sizes


Print, in the form of: posters, flyers, leaflets, banners, pop-ups, brochures, business cards and so on, is still very much relevant, despite online escapades. It’s flourishing, if anything. There’s a lot to be said for consistent and professional brand design across all of your marketing materials. It’s a question of how you’d like to be perceived and how you want your business to be reflected. We like it to be eye-catching. Just saying.


Print and brand design
Brand design for Infographics
03. Data in disguise


Due to the fact that trawling through endless amounts of text quickly becomes tedious, we like to make graphics, charts and other things to translate the key messages you want to get across. There’s actual scientific research in to this stuff (not that we’ve done any), and by differentiating information and presenting it in a creative, yet informative, way it can help others absorb the information easier. Plus it looks ace.

Production Line



It’s always nice if you have an idea inspired by something you’ve seen or created in your own head, but if that’s not you, we can come up with the making of multiple designs based on your brief. Brand design, is what we’re offering, after all.



Whatever it is you’re after, you will be presented with a splendid document of visuals containing alternative brand designs across a range of marketing materials, in order to help you fully appreciate and visualise your potential new brand in all its glory.



Once you’ve revelled in your new brand design offerings, don’t be afraid to request changes or to see certain elements in a different light. We want to get your brand right for you. Once we’re all finished you’ll receive all the relevant documentation in all the relevant formats. We’ll keep them too, should you require anything else later down the line.

    "At first I was unsure about using the services of a company for social media work and graphic design but The Northern Foundry exceeded my expectations. Fantastic work and even better service.”  
  • Mark CCLIENT
    “The Northern Foundry team were the perfect match for our graphic design and logo requirements. Right from the discovery phase of establishing exactly what we wanted our logo to show until the completion they provided a top quality services along with the best quality work.”
  • Alexandra BCLIENT
    “Fantastic service! I can honestly say without the help of The Northern Foundry team I wouldn’t be in the fortunate position of expanding and growing by beauty business. Great staff and great value.”
  • Sian ThomasCLIENT

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "Our work with The Northern Foundry aimed to re-platform our website whilst adding some key functionality. We were thrilled by the project management shown by the team along with their enthusiasm for making sure that all work was completed to the highest standard and within the set timescales. What we appreciated most about working with The Northern Foundry was..."

  • Sarah K CLIENT
    “I had my existing logo redesigned and a second logo adapted from it for a new but linked business venture. Excellent service and communication throughout and very reasonably priced. Will definitely use again.”
  • Paul JCLIENT
    “Amazing Service and Amazing Results, we work closely with The Northern Foundry for our digital projects and we have never been happier. The team really understands the digital marketplace and has been a great asset to us. Highly recommended to anyone who needs digital marketing services.”

Clients we've worked with

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