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Why choose Magento 2?


A website built to last…

Magento 2 is set to become the web developers platform of choice for any new eCommerce – and we’re experts in working with this new platform.


Additional custom support options

Magento 2 has kept all of the best bits from the original Magento platform whilst acquiring many additional and enviable features too. One of which is the excellent support for a variety of API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) which can be used to implement strong functions and integrations with pretty much any other programme or system. Win. 


CMS made simple

Magento’s new dashboard has had a big user experience upgrade, making it a lot more user friendly for the admin’s (that’s you guys). On top of that,  we like to customise it that bit further, so it’s even more personal and enjoyable to use as a back office CMS.

 04. Performance

Faster Processing

Magento 2 has made way for faster coding and therefore faster processing. This means that your website is much faster (a big positive in terms of SEO and user experience). Plus, as it’s designed in a more modular manner, it allows your website to hold a lot more content, again allowing for more positive, organic and natural SEO.

 05. SALES

Enhancing opportunities

The positives are endless, from sales point of view. The checkout process has had a massive upgrade. Firstly, it’s been made more user friendly for mobiles. Secondly, it’s 38% faster for guest checkouts and has a 1 click create an account feature. Finally, the ‘related products’ admin section has had an overhaul, making it easier to place complimentary products in front of users, encouraging sales and repeat custom, as a result. 

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