Bespoke Magento Solutions, Leeds.

01. Bespoke, flexible solutions

Community led eCommerce

Magento is the world leader in open source eCommerce. ‘Opensource’ basically means that it’s free to use for us, free to use for you and is something which is constantly being maintained and developed by a massive global community. There’s no licence fee or subscription. All you need are knowledgeable & experienced Magento developers to bring your Magento to life.

 02. Compatibility


We can also integrate Magento with your eBay store and Amazon store, allowing for 1 CMS and Stock and Order Management System to manage all of your data.

To go a step further we can then also integrate Magento, with pretty much any ERP / existing stock system you already have. The only requirement is that the existing stock system is able to export and import CSV or XML data files. They pretty much all do!

bedsonlegs dashboard
 03. Complex data made simple


Products that come in different colours, sizes or materials can be difficult to get your head around, but there’s no reason why your customers should suffer the problems complex data creates.

Through a mixture of our expertise and Magento’s flexibility, we can assist in coming up with the right structure for your store. We Engineer intelligent filters that allow users to easily browse your product range and choose what they want.

 04. Secure from the get go

Online Security

Security is paramount with eCommerce. Magento supports HTTPS for secure transactions and gives peace of mind for you and your users. Every solution will be delivered on the latest and most secure version of Magento. As Magento developers, we also provide a number of support options going forward to help maintain your site’s security for the long term.

Ongoing Security & Support


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