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Magento 2 is here & it’s magical.


Magento 2 is set to change the way eCommerce is governed. It provides more usability, scalability & improved site maintenance.  Not to mention the fact that it’s rapid & will outperform the majority of other eCommerce platforms out there.


Now is the time to move from your Magento 1 to the new and improved Magento 2 platform.  This will, however, take careful planning followed by a meticulous development migration. Ensuring your new Magento 2 site does not compromise on any of your current functionality, or features, that your current site has (especially if they were custom developed) is something we’re more than conscious of & prepared for.

First, we provide you with a Magento 2 migration audit which covers what is still available to extend, what comes part & parcel and what may need to be reconsidered. Next, once completed, we will be able to quote you for the migration. If you would like to proceed with a migration audit or require further information around upgrading to Magento 2 then please contact us.

1: Migration

2: Design
and Prototype

3: Theme

4: Admin

5: Data Download
and Migration

6: Testing, Testing,
Pre-Live Testing