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This is the PPC game and you’ve got to be bold enough to budget for it.

01. Quick Wins

Paid Search

Paid Search enables you to beat organic search rankings and propel your brand to the top of search engine results pages or SERP’s, by utilising search pay per click advertising. Anytime you type in a query on a search engine, the first 2-3 results are paid for adverts.

By using a combination of strategic keywords, we can tailor a strategy to meet your budgetary requirements and ensure you’re receiving increased traffic. This is achieved via a pay per click method, whereby each time your ad is displayed (an impression) you only pay once your ad is clicked on.

If your competitor is organically ranking higher than you, or you want to increase website hits that lead to increased sales, get in touch today and we can tailor a pay per click campaign for you.

02. showcase your products


Shopping campaigns are a great way to showcase your brand on SERP’s. In a similar way to how Paid Search works, you can advertise your products based on a user’s entry into the search engine. Your product then appears in the results page for the customer to click straight through to your product.

We can optimise your campaign by offering sound advice on budgets and max cost per click CPC to ensure your ads are seen but also give you the best ROI. Shopping works just as any other pay per click campaign.

If you want to increase sales on your eCommerce site, then a shopping campaign is a great way to boost your revenue.

Google Shopping
03. Pay and display


Whilst Paid Search is possibly one of the most used forms of pay per click advertising, 79% of time online is spent outside search (How people spend time online). Therefore, Display advertising is a great way to build brand awareness. Advertising formats take the shape of video, image, text and mobile meaning your brand can be seen across a range of devices.

Display advertising enables you to tailor your campaign based on a users search history, interests or browsing behaviour. They are a great way to market to new, or potential, clients that maybe unaware of your services.

If you are interested in reaching a wider audience that may not know about your services, Display advertising maybe the best solution for your digital advertising budget.

04. remember me?


Ensuring you remain in the customers’ mind is paramount. Ensuring you convert leads into sales is even more critical for growing your business. Arguably, retargeting is one of the most cost-effective methods of pay-per-click advertising that can achieve this.

Retargeting captures the visitors to your site and then, through the search engine display network, serves ads back to the customers on a publisher’s website. You’ve probably experienced this as many online travel companies and retailers use this method frequently.

As with other services within our pay per click offering, you can tailor your retargeting campaign to generate the best return for your budget and only pay for clicks.

Production Line



Each campaign carries a different weight and can require a different set of tools entirely. Luckily, we’ve got the experience necessary to be able to build a powerful PPC campaign that delivers. Sit down with us, have a brew and tell us what it is you want to achieve, then we can advise a strategy.



There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in the factory before your PPC campaigns go live. Rest assured that we’ll get it up to speed and keep you updated you along the way. This includes the design of the adverts for a shopping or re-targeting campaign.



We’ll keep an eye on each campaign for you and manage it accordingly. Changing tactics, informed by reports and analytics, is all part of the management process to maximise each and every campaign. We’ll generate the reports and feed them back to you as and when you want them.