Luxury Bed Co. No surprises what it is this company is all about. Capitalising on a gap in the market for British made and manufactured beds, and priding themselves on a luxurious service, this start-up company are perfectly poised to compete.


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Upon launch of the Luxury Bed Co’s new website, we managed to get the load speed under one second. We streamlined the content that loaded on each page allowing us to get the fastest load speed possible. Which contributed to the overall site speed dramatically.



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The Project

The initial request was for a fully functioning ecommerce website and branding. Once work had begun, we were tasked with creating the content for the entire site. Ensuring the design and build stage were accommodating to the content meant that we had to work work harmoniously. And we did.


“To work with one company on an entire project from start to finish, and work with like-minded professionals, made this process very easy. Great communication and application throughout. Very happy with the result.”

Kassam – The Luxury Bed Co.

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