The Vintage Warehouse Company (VWC) are the northern powerhouse behind vintage clothing, retro classics and bespoke bargains. Shipping, sourcing and grading clothing from all around the world, VWC are the go-to stockists for many fashion retail outlets and boutiques.


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Without changing server host, or performing any spiritual rituals, we have given VWC accelerated page-speed (doubling the speed of their old site). It’s just a case of good practise and know-how, if you know what we mean?


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The Project

An overhaul (from a design perspective) was requested. It had to be something that hung on to the characteristics of the business whilst offering up that uniqueness, giving it that original hipster vibe. In doing so, the re-design had to also massively improve the UX and mobile friendliness.


“We’re more than happy with what The Northern Foundry has come up with. Not only did they deliver to the brief, but they were engrossed throughout, offering ideas, intellect and support at every stage. And that’s what has got the site to where it is”

Riccardo Seaton – VWC

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Adam J