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If you've got something to say, shout it from the roof-tops.


You make the news, we control the content and communicate it in the right style and tone. Sometimes this really is a case of shouting about it and making sure the people listen. Having said that, we’ll also be sure to target the right audience for you, in order for your story to fill out as much space online and in column inches.

Remember, the media are a powerful animal and given the right ‘newsworthy’ content, your story could travel far and wide.


Production Line



Sleep safe in the knowledge that we use our copy-write expertise to produce powerful and professional PR. This is also where we’ll establish the publications you’d like us to get in touch with, or the editors you’d like us to bribe, and figure out where it is you want to be heard the loudest.



This is the part where, together, we create a media storm. Send us the juicy details and we’ll construct the perfect press release by paying extra attention to language, detail and accuracy, in order to entice your audiences. We’ll check it, send it to you for approval and then get set to launch it on the public.



Should the editor take to the story and feature it, we’ll be sure to let you know when and where it’ll appear. This, in turn, should increase brand awareness and drive some attention towards your business. The media is a powerful animal, a colossal force in which you and your PR strategy could nestle alongside quite nicely.