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Setting up Facebook for Business

Setting up Facebook for Business
19th February 2018 Joel Peart


Nowadays, any business can utilise a Facebook business page to great success. In fact, even more established businesses have begun turning to Facebook as a way of brand building and communicating with their audiences, despite recent news of Facebook’s algorithm hindering business. It has since been discovered that this is not entirely accurate, and we’d suggest to venture on, regardless.

For beginners, it may be quite complex to setup a Facebook business page. For others, it may be fairly straightforward. However, in order to maximise your Facebook page performance, we’ve outlined a few key areas to consider:


Facebook Business Page

First and foremost, you will need a Facebook Business page, for your business. This can be created through your personal Facebook account, quite simply. However, do not make the mistake of using your personal Facebook account for business purposes; it doesn’t have the features and it’s nowhere near professional.

It’s always recommended, whilst setting your page up, to see through each suggested step, so that your business profile is firing on all cylinders.


  • Content Creation

By creating some clear, concise and engaging content within the bio and longer descriptions, it will enhance the overall appeal of your page. As will some enticing artwork for your header and profile picture. If you have other social media profiles, keeping a consistency between the social handle, descriptions and artwork is also advisable.


  • Verification

There are a few additional things you can do to maximise its performance, such as getting your page verified. Securing that little tick alongside your username will not only give you an authoritative appeal, but it will help your page appear better in search engines. This can be done via a simple automated phone call, to a number associated to your business, and a code.


  • Template

Selecting the correct template for your business will help, also. This can be found within your page settings and ‘Edit Page’. Selecting ‘Shopping’, for example, will provide a layout with call to actions which encourage a shopping experience. The tabs generated will also be more in line with what you do, however, you can manually edit and arrange these.

  • Call to Actions

These are crucial to your Facebook business page. They can be connected to a phone number, email address or contact form on a website, to allow direct contact at the click of a button. It’s important to set these up correctly and perform a little test, to ensure they’re working.

  • Services

This is a great way to showcase what your business does and offers. With space for both text and imagery, you can really make your services stand out, whilst providing all of the necessary details and selling points. For a user browsing your page, these can be a prominent feature for you to showcase what you do and why.


  • Events

Utilise this section to highlight upcoming events for your business. Simply posting a normal post will not suffice and only create more work for yourself down the line. By creating an event post, you can prompt people to show an interest as well as providing all of the details of the event in an organised and digestible format. You can still include artwork but it doesn’t have to be cluttered with text and information, like it would in a post.

  • Facebook Shop

One time saving exercise for this feature, especially if you have a lot of products, is to integrate your ecommerce store catalogue with it. There are specific integrations, dependent on which ecommerce platform you use, and various apps you can use to do this for you (some you may have to pay for). Ultimately, this process will import all of your product data into your Facebook shop, giving browsers access to imagery, video and descriptions, as well as a direct link to the product on your site. Alternatively, you can manually add products to your Facebook shop, at your own disposal. Either way, it gives you the ability to tag your products in posts, allowing customers an immediate insight and option to discover more.


  • Insights

Within the insights tab, there’s all kinds of helpful data for you to absorb. By closely analysing your Facebook page’s performance, you can better understand your demographics; getting a feel for the sort of content you post, as well as what, and when, it’s most popular.  The data can be summarised into weekly and monthly performances, for comparison. By taking such aspects into consideration, it should influence your Facebook business page, moving forwards.

Facebook Page Complete

Congratulations, if you’ve managed to successfully set up your Facebook Business page by adhering to some of the above suggestions. Getting your page set up to perform how you want it to will give you confidence moving forwards. Moreover, adjusting your page, in response to performance, will be key to the overall success of it. Treat it like an evolving organic thing, nurture it and improve it as you go and you’ll be fine.

If you require any assistance with any of the above, get in touch.