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Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

Chief Technical Officer

Adam is, first and foremost, a ‘dev’.  He first founded Nailed It Design in 2011 in his back bedroom. Five years later, through a fair bit of craft and a hell of a lot of graft, it was time for Nailed It to become The Northern Foundry…

He worked his blummin’ socks off to get here and, to be fair, he still does now; somethings never change. After his first year, he took on his first apprentice. Adam is passionate about training young people in the world of the web and he’s made it part of our company ethos to share the wealth of his knowledge and expertise.

For a development ‘nerd’ he can talk, and he talks a lot. Most clients come to us worried that their current developers can never be contacted by phone but Adam likes the phone.  If you need a chat about anything ‘tech’ give Adam a ring, if you need a straight answer send us an email!