User Experience Analysis

Free User Testing


01. User exprience

Let’s talk about UX baby!

UX is the term used by professionals to describe the way your site is used by its visitors. Assessing the UX of your site and making changes, some large some maybe small tweaks is a great way of maximising conversions.

Our support packages are not designed to be used only in emergencies. We would also hope for a continued relationship with any website owner that  is eager to improve things via ongoing development work.

In order for us to advise properly on how we can help to improve your site is to fully analyse it and test it first, then continually track the success of the ongoing work.

The most important thing is that its not us doing the testing, its your visitors we will setup tracking and let it run heat maps, and even screen recording your customers session activity.


02. Track, then feedback

Setup Our Tracking

The first step in the process is for us to install our tracking code on your site and start collecting data. You might want to let this coincide with a campaign you are running. So we make sure we maximise visitors.

03. Interpretation of data


We can help you understand what your customers want, what they care about and how they use site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviors. These sometimes subtle actions are strong indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

04. Seeing is understanding

User session recordings

See in realtime what your users see. This completely Eliminates any guesswork. Recordings of real visitor interaction with your site. By seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify usability issues and any problems they find while using your site.

05. Focusing spend

Better budget allocation

With our ‘Advice support & maintenance’ packages we not only offer ongoing support and realtime bug fixing, we also offer ongoing development hours.

Our aim is to spend this time making the most effective improvements. We still put you in the driving seat, we just provide you with the information and you can then base your decisions on where we use the extra hours. Everyone wins! 

Clients we've worked with

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